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I will Make Images that Sell your Product or Service.
I am Able to make Powerful Images in Difficult Environments.
You will Receive High Quality Images for all your needs.

I believe in collaborating with my clients to capture the unique images they seek. 
I offer a variety of different services, depending on my clients’ needs.

In Progress Imagery
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Image to see 
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WE Finish Room
Finished Product HDR so your 
Project looks Fantastic.
HDR Stairs
We Offer Half-day, 
Full-Day and Hourly Rates. 
Packages are offered on all Media. 
Whether it is Print or 
Digital Format for the Web.
We Work with your 
Website Designer.
So all you do is Select the Images 
you want to Represent 
your Business or Project.
I do not have a set price list, because each Event or Project is unique and requires different tools and time commitments.
Please call or email me 
for a Quote,
Peace and Light,
Patrick Hayes

(435) 632-8606
TIme-lapse Videos of your Work in Progress. 
Coming to your Job-site at Specific times, 
for example monthly shoots to show the 
Progress your Company is making. 
The end of a Project may include a 
Full Project Video.