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What is this? This is YOU!!!

    When on an Adventure with a Local Guide Service, such as Excursions of Escalante, request to have a Personal Professional Photographer and Videographer  accompany your Tour. 
    I will document your Memories in a Photo-Journalistic style. 
Things happen fast out here and the environment is HARSH, wind blown sand, water and impact  can damage your camera, lens and phone. So PROTECT yourself and your equipment. 
    I PROMISE You I will make the images that you can't. Freeing you to fully commit to your Adventure, safely. 
    I possess innovative techniques, which enable me to capture the most rewarding moments of your Journey and relive them with friends and family for years to come. 

​# Images     Price USD                add Video    Price USD  

     65            $160.00                   3 minutes        $75.00

    125           $200.00                   5 minutes       $100.00

200-300        $275.00                   7 minutes       $150.00